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About Me

  • Professional Mentor and Adviser 
  • Psychology Major and Teacher
  • Master in Ed. Psych. at Denmark's University of Education
  • Studied Strategic Intervention at Robbins- Madanes Training
  • Over 10 years experience with clients 

Programs and Coaching Packages

 Fix Your Life

Couples Coaching 

Your relationship with your significant other can be transformed using a process that will help you discover what your partner really wants and needs (most often it's not what you think) and how to ask for what you need in a way that will make them want to give to you. If you are like many couples who have reoccurring arguments, we explore what lies beneath them and find ways to eliminate those issues and create a more harmonious partnership. Through relationship coaching we will also touch on remembering why you fell in love and recreating the initial playfulness, attraction and intimacy that you had and may have lost. With coaching, it is possible to have the relationship of your dreams.

Create your best self

Do you have goals and dreams that you just can't seem to achieve or maybe even begin working on? It can be frustrating to want more from life when you feel like you are stuck. With coaching you will be guided through processes to help you design your ideal life and form an action plan to get you there. Often what we think will make us happy, only leaves us temporarily lifted before we are on to the next thing. Thus, we will spend some time on figuring out the emotions we want to experience and what will bring us those in order to create the life that will be meaningful and fulfilling to you.

We will also focus on forming healthy and productive habits while eliminating negative ones. We will explore techniques from psychology and coaching that will help propel you forward towards your goals. In addition, we will work on your "inner game" which is one of the most influential things on your success. 

Depression and Anxiety

Mental illnesses can take over ones life, making you lose hope and motivation. Therapy can be helpful but can also take too long or not be effective enough to help people reclaim or find for the first time a natural state of peace, joy and fulfillment. Jessica's style of coaching provides you with tools and strategies that research has shown to be extremely effective for people with a wide range of mental health issues.

As debilitating as these conditions can be, your coaching sessions will help uncover the root causes of your issues and what is keeping you stuck and teach you how to overcome it for good. You will be guided to create lasting change in sessions that will empower you and provide you with the tools you need to better understand and take control of your emotions.

What our customers are saying

Jessica changed my life. My marriage was on the brink of divorce. Through our sessions she had me change many of my behaviors which ultimately resulted in the change of my husband's attitude.

Erica Collins

I wasn't confident in dating and I didn't know how to meet women.  Jessica showed me new techniques that got me over my fears.  Now I am able to create conversation, be myself and have fun. 

Jacob Riley

Jessica helped me to do things that felt impossible: to open up about my feelings, to allow myself to dream big, to create goals and achieve what I never thought possible.  

Kevin Mackenzie

© 2017 Jessica Richards

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