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About Me

I studied psychology at Mc Master University in Canada before completing a Masters of Educational Psychology at Denmark's University of Education focusing on Positive psychology. I have taken various courses in Life Coaching and in Strategic Intervention. In addition, I have trained in Qi gong, meditation and have extensive knowledge of nutrition, implementing special diets, superfoods and alternative healing methods. 

I suffered from insomnia, migraines, backaches and digestive problems from an early age and after giving up on conventional western medicine (that only offered me solutions that seemed to treat symptoms and not solve the causes of the problems), I set off on my own path of discovery where I spent years learning about alternative healing and was finally able to overcome these issues by using a combination of alternative methods. 

I have a passion for helping others and I believe that a holistic approach to problems yields the best results, so in addition to coaching, I offer advice on how to use alternative methods in your own life. Furthermore, my coaching draws on strategies and techniques from Positive psychology, Strategic Intervention and traditional and unconventional coaching methods.

What is Strategic Intervention?

Techniques that offer tools and strategies to propel you forward quicker than you ever thought possible. 

Unconventional and effective exercises and processes.

Helps discover your hidden resources and strengths.

Views your situation as a whole in terms of your different relationships.

What does Positive Psychology do?

Focuses on what makes people thrive and flourish - often despite adverse situations. Creates methods to build resiliency.

Discovers different positive characteristics and traits (like hope or optimism) and how people can learn to develop these to enrich their lives.

Positive Psychology isn't simply about positive thinking, but instead, is built on empirical research that explores how incredibly beneficial positive traits and attitudes are (to your health, well- being and general success in life) and the best ways to develop these attitude and traits.

What is the difference between Counseling and Coaching?

Coaching is more forward looking and provides tools and strategies to change your life whereas the main focus of counseling is on giving you space to talk about what happened in the past and how you feel about it.

In addition, coaching isn't always about fixing a problem or dealing with difficult circumstances. If you just want more out of life or need help setting and achieving goals, a coach can help you create a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

© 2017 Jessica Richards

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