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Do you struggle with a particular relationship in your life/ Maybe it's your boss or your aging, worried parent, maybe it’s your kids or your significant other...  

Coaching with Jessica can help you with any relationship in your life.

  • Discover the other person's triggers to anger/ sadness 
  • Understand the other person and help them to understand you 
  • Discover what you each need and find easy ways to fulfill those needs
  • Tools to help you derail an argument before it even begins
Especially for Couples
  • How to rediscover your original excitement, passion and playfulness to rekindle the spark 
  •  How to fall back in love with your partner and make them remember why they fell in love with you

Anxiety and Depression

Do you suffer from anxiety or depression or do you just feel unfulfilled and stuck in a rut?

Do you yell at yourself, replay bad memories or dwell in the past?

Coaching with Jessica can help you with your relationship with yourself.

  • Learn to notice your internal dialogue, eliminate your limiting beliefs and create empowering ones
  • Understand and take control of your emotions
  • Eliminate bad habits and create good ones that stick
  • Create self worth 
  • Start to love and accept who you really are 

Create your Best Self

Do you have goals and dreams that you just cant seem to achieve?

Have you lost faith in yourself or find it hard to stay motivated and focused? 

Coaching with Jessica can help you create lasting change in your life 

  • Create a vision of your life that truly motivates you
  • Find whats missing in your life and relationships  
  • Develop a clear action plan congruent with your authentic self 
  • Create a life that excites you 
  • Hold yourself accountable and develop other great habits
  • Learn how to get the most out of your willpower

Introductory Insight Session

$99 - 1hr

For a thorough discussion, problem solving, setting and planning out pathways to goals with option sheet. 

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Mini Breakthrough


4 sessions

1 hr sessions

Phone or Skype Coaching

In person coaching

Intensive Breakthrough


10 sessions

Recommended to have 3-4 sessions per month

1 hr sessions

Phone or Skype Coaching

In person coaching

Major Life Change


20 sessions

 6 months (one sessions per week)

1 hr sessions

Phone or Skype Coaching

In person coaching

© 2017 Jessica Richards

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